Our solutions

Our team is formed by specialized technicians in the market,
with several years of experience, capable of working in several areas.

We are located in Faial, and our main goal is to guarantee the comfort of our clients,
always with the greatest accuracy and brevity in all our work.

What we have to offer

- Air conditioning
- Showcases
- Cold storage chambers
- Freezing and preservation refrigerators
- Heat pumps
- Photovoltaic solar panels

- Electrical Installation
- More industrial electrical repairs (ovens, grills, appliances)
- Electrical Boards

- Alternators
- Generator

- Project
- Excavation
- Tile or liner
- Water circulation
- Heating
- Roofing
- Decking or finishing around

We also have...

Besides the services, we also have several products in stock, to ensure that your order is completed quickly and efficiently!